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Jerzy Ruzyllo

Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering

214 Electrical Engineering West

The Pennsylvania State University

University Park, PA 16802

Phone: 814-865-5193

E-mail: jruzyllo_at_psu_dot_edu

Research Area: Electronic Materials and Devices

Research Group: Semiconductor Surface Processing and Characterization Lab

Dr. Ruzyllo joined Penn State in 1984 after serving on the faculty of the Warsaw University of Technology in Poland. Dr. Ruzyllo's research activities are in the area of manufacturing methods and devices for semiconductor micro- and nanoelectronics and photonics as well as processing and characterization of electronic and photonic materials. Dr. Ruzyllo publishes extensively and participates in numerous national and international committees as well as advisory, editorial, and technical boards. He is a creator and the author of the semiconductor portal


D.Sc. Warsaw University of Technology, Poland, Electron Technology
Ph.D. Warsaw University of Technology, Poland, Solid State Electronics and Electron Technology
M.S. Warsaw University of Technology, Poland, Solid State Electronics
B.S. Warsaw University of Technology, Poland, Electronics


Semiconductor materials and devices; integrated circuits manufacturing science and engineering; semiconductor surface modification processes and characterization; gate dielectric processing in advanced CMOS technology; methods of semiconductor, including semiconductor quantum dots, and dielectric thin film formation.

Selected Publications and Patents

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Honors and Awards

Distinguished Visiting Professor, sponsored by European Union Social Fund, Warsaw University of Technology Development Program, 2010.
IEEE Fellow, 2004
Title of Professor bestowed by the President of Poland, 2003
Electrochemical Society Fellow, 1999
Penn State Engineering Society Outstanding Research Award, 1998