Mark Wharton

Selected Publications

Lim, Kyu Yon, Roxanne Toto, Hien Nguyen, Sarah Zappe, Thomas Litzinger, Mark Wharton, and John Cimbala “Impact of Instructor’s Use of the Tablet PC on Student Learning and Classroom Attendance” 2008 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition Proceedings, #2008-616.

Toto, Roxanne, Mark Wharton, John Cimbala and John Wise “One Step Beyond: Lecturing with a Tablet PC”, Computers in Education Journal, Division of ASEE, Volume XVII No. 3, July - September 2007 Journal, page 2.

Wharton, Mark J. “Modular Solid-State Power Amplifier”, Base Station – Earth Station Magazine , May/June 2000 issue, page 16.

Wharton, Mark J.; Frush, Charles L.; Nahman, Norris S. “A Video Recorder for Coherent Doppler Radar”, IEEE Transactions on Geoscience Electronics , Vol. GE-17, No. 4, October 1979, page 171.

Wharton, Mark J., “A Radar Video Recorder”, Master’s Thesis , University of Colorado Press, Boulder, CO, 1978.