EE 009S

Electrical Engineering is a very diverse field of study with many exciting high-tech applications. The goal of this first-year seminar course is to introduce first-year students to a particular application of electrical engineering. The specific course topic, chosen by the course instructor, will vary each semester and will be indicated by the course subtitle. Some typical topics that may be covered each semester are digital music, ham radio, microprocessor programming, and wireless communications.

Regardless of the specific course topic, the structure of each seminar course will be a combination of a standard lecture along with an "active learning" element that may include laboratory experiments, group projects, class discussions, and possible field trips. Throughout this active learning process, students will have close interaction with the faculty member teaching the course.

Besides providing first-year students with a taste of the variety within the electrical engineering major, this seminar course will help incoming students become acclimated to University life, library resources, and the use of the internet as a learning tool.