EE 387 (was EE 365)

EE 387 is an electrical engineering technical elective course intended for students with an interest in energy conversion in electrical, electromagnetic, electromechanical, and electrochemical systems.

The course begins with a review of static and quasi-static electromagnetics. In particular, methods of determining electromagnetic forces and torques will be discussed in detail. The course will then present methods of developing models for electromagnetic, electromechanical, and electrochemical systems and discuss the use of these models in the analysis and design of devices such as inductors, transformers, actuators, transducers, and rotating machines. Furthermore, fundamental concepts related to the operation of power electronic circuits, which often interface with these types of devices, will be presented.

The course includes a lab component where students gain experience with the analysis and design of energy conversion systems. EE350, Continuous-Time Linear Systems, is a prerequisite for this course.