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Study Abroad Programs

With so much business and industry being global nowadays, it is more important than ever to be aware of the world. Spending a semester in another country is one of the best ways to do this. Besides, it is an experience that you will never forget.

Although it takes some effort to plan/arrange a semester abroad, it isn’t as difficult to do as you may think. With careful planning, you can study abroad without delaying your graduation. (Go to this semester-by-semester academic plan incorporating study abroad to see how.) The cost may be less than you think as well.


Studying abroad provides you with an opportunity to:

  • take interesting classes that may not be available at PSU
  • immerse yourself in another culture for an extended period of time
  • greatly improve your fluency in another language (depending on where you study)
  • travel to exciting locales
  • satisfy your IL (international cultures) requirement in a very unique way
  • boost your resume and give yourself a great “talking point” at job interviews

First Steps

If you’re interested in studying abroad, the first step is to meet with an International Engineering Envoy in 204 Hammond Building. You should also contact Kim Baran, the College of Engineering’s Coordinator of Global Engineering Education at Finally, you should discuss your interest in studying abroad with your academic advisor, who can give you some basic suggestions on how to prepare academically.

For more information regarding the College of Engineering study abroad program and a list of the office hours for the International Engineering Envoys, please visit the Global Engineering Education website.

EE-Affiliated Study Abroad Programs


Monash University

Murdoch University

The University of Sydney

University of Melbourne

University of New South Wales

University of Queensland

University of Western Australia

University of Wollongong


Chinese University of Hong Kong

Peking University

The University of Hong Kong


American University in Cairo


Ecole Centrale Paris


National University of Ireland

Trinity College Dublin

University of Limerick


Technion Institute of Technology


Tohoku University

New Zealand

University of Auckland

University of Waikato

Victoria University of Wellington


Warsaw University of Technology


National University of Singapore

South Africa

University of Cape Town

South Korea

Sogang University


University of Navarra


Koc University

Middle East Technical University

United Kingdom

City University

University of Bath

University of Leeds

University of Southampton