Communications & Space Sciences Laboratory
An interdisciplinary and intercollege component to PSUs Department of Electrical Engineering
CSSL Laboratories: Overview

Dr. Aydin: Electromagnetic Modeling & Radar Remote Sensing

Dr. Bilen: Systems Design

Dr. Breakall: Antenna & Radio Engineering

Dr. Kane: Atmospheric Sensing & Lidar

Dr. Mathews: Radar Space Sciences

Dr. Mitchell: Measurements of the Middle Atmosphere

Dr. Mittra: Electromagnetic Communication

Dr. Narayanan: Radar and Communications

Dr. Pasko: Atmospheric Electromagnetic Group

Dr. Urbina: Applied Signal Processing and Instrumentation

Dr. Werner: Computational Electromagnetics &Antennas

StudentSpace Programs Lab (SSPL)

Arecibo images courtesy of the NAIC - Arecibo Observatory, a facility of the NSF