1984  Owen K. Garriott - Manned Space Science from Skylab to Spacelab
1985 Marcel Nicolet - Our Sun and Its Actions
1986 John C. Brandt - Halley and the Exploration of Comets
1987 C. Stewart Gillmor - Issues in Space Research: How the the Future Influences the Past
1988 Colin O. Hines - Arecibo Observatory Then and Now
1989 Gerald S. Levy - From the Ionosphere to Deep Space
1990 Ulf Von Zahn - The Atmospheres of Earth, Venus, and Mars: More Different Than We Expected
1991 Louis J. Lanzerotti - Impacts of Solar-Terrestrial Activity on Technological Systems
1992 Peter M. Banks - Global Atmospheric Changes: Telltales and Other Interesting Phenomena
1993 John S. Nisbet - How Seven Common Fallacies Were removed on the Way to Understanding the Ionospheric F Region
1994 William E. Gordon - Arecibo from Start to Finish
1995 John V. Evans - Twenty Years of Incoherent Scatter Studies of the Ionosphere
1996 Thomas M. Donahue - The Galileo Mission to Jupiter
1997 Charles L. Hosler - Fifty-five Years of Progress in Meteorology and a Look at the Future
1998 Donald T Farley - Probing the Ionosphere with Giant Radars: The Science, the History, and a Little Politics

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