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Computational electromagnetics, wave scattering and propagation, interactions with complex media and novel materials, electrodynamics, antenna analysis and design, scattering cross section and antenna measurements, computer visualization, RF and microwave systems, MMIC, EMI, and EMC, and electronic packaging

Communications and Space Sciences Lab

Faculty Members

James K. Breakall, (Ph.D. Case Western Reserve University)

Professor of Electrical Engineering and Electromagnetics Department of Applied Research Laboratory
Antenna modeling and design, numerical modeling, computational and experimental electromagnetics and ionospheric radio wave propagation and probing.
Antenna and Radio Engineering Lab

Raj Mittra, (Ph.D. University of Toronto)

Professor of Electrical Engineering and Senior Research Scientist at the Applied Research Laboratory
Computational electromagnetic, EMI/EMC electromagnetic modeling and simulation of electronic packages, RF and wireless systems analysis and design, communication antenna design.
Electromagnetic Communication Lab

Douglas Werner, (Ph.D. The Pennsylvania State University)

John L. and Genevieve H. McCain Chair Professor of Electrical Engineering and Senior Scientist at Applied Research Laboratory
Theoretical and computational electromagnetics, antenna analysis and design, electromagnetic wave interaction with complex materials, fractal and knot electrodynamics, and genetic algorithms in electromagnetics.
Computational Electromagnetics and Antennas Research Lab