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Remote Sensing and Space Systems

Active (radar and lidar) and passive (radiometry) remote sensing of the atmosphere; radar, radiometer, and lidar systems; rocket and satellite instrumentation; atmospheric electrodynamics; meteoric effects in the ionosphere; modeling of atmospheric processes; plasma physics

Communications and Space Sciences Lab

Faculty Members

Kultegin Aydin, (Ph.D. METU, Ankara)

Professor of Electrical Engineering and Department Head
Radar remote sensing, radar meteorology, radiowave propagation, electromagnetic scattering and computational modeling.
Electromagnetic Modeling and Radar Remote Sensing Lab

Sven G. Bilén, (Ph.D. University of Michigan)

Associate Professor of Engineering Design, Electrical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering
Electrodynamic tethers, plasma diagnostics, spacecraft-plasma interactions, spacecraft systems, software-defined radio, wireless sensor networks, innovation in engineering design, and systems engineering.
Systems Design Lab

Tim Kane, (Ph.D. University of Illinois)

Professor of Electrical Engineering and Senior Research Associate at Applied Research Laboratory
Optical remote sensing (specifically laser radar or lidar) atmospheric and oceanic measurements and modeling, data analysis and interpretation.

John D. Mathews, (Ph.D. Case Western Reserve University)

Professor of Electrical Engineering
Radar remote sensing, digital signal processing, ionospheric physical and chemical processes, radar codes.
Radar Space Sciences Lab

Ram Narayanan, (Ph.D. University of Massachusetts)

Professor of Electrical Engineering
Antenna characterization and measurements, microwave system design and development, radar remote sensing theory and applications, remote sensing image analysis.
Radar and Communications Lab

Victor P. Pasko, (Ph.D. Stanford University)

Professor of Electrical Engineering and Graduate Program Coordinator
Atmospheric electrodynamics, atmospheric acoustic-gravity waves, gas discharge phenomena, computational plasma physics and electromagnetics.
Atmospheric Electromagnetic Group

Julio Urbina, (Ph.D. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering
Radar design, digital systems and space instrumentation, analog design, software designed radio and radars, radio wave propagation, meteor detection, system integration, radio wave remote sensing and radar studies of the atmosphere and ionosphere.
Applied Signal Processing and Instrumentation Research Lab