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Signal and Image Processing

Multidimensional signal processing, signal reconstruction theory and algorithms, signal compression, spectral estimation, image processing, medical image analysis, neural networks, multiple target tracking in clutter, adaptive filtering, and data fusion

Faculty Members

William E. Higgins, (Ph.D. University of Illinois)

Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Engineering
Image processing, computer vision, scientific visualization, computer graphics, medical imaging and graphical user interfaces.
Multidimensional Image Processing Lab

Kenneth Jenkins, (Ph.D. Purdue University)

Professor of Electrical Engineering
Digital filtering, signal processing algorithms, multidimensional array processing, computer imaging, one and two-dimensional adaptive digital filtering, VLSI architecture for signal processing.

Yanxi Liu, (Ph.D. University of Massachusetts – Amherst)

Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Engineering
Computational symmetry group theory and application, machine learning (particularly low-dimensional subspace learning from very large, multi-modality feature set), computer-aided diagnosis, computer vision, computer graphics, biomedical image analysis/indexing/retrieval, robotics
Laboratory for Perception,Action, and Cognition

David J. Miller, (Ph.D. University of California – Santa Barbara)

Professor of Electrical Engineering
Pattern recognition; machine learning; source coding; joint source-channel coding; bioinformatics; networking and network intrusion detection; image segmentation
Robust Machine Intelligence and Control Lab

Vishal Monga, (Ph.D. University of Texas - Austin)

Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering
Detection theory, lattice theory, optimization and their applications to multimedia security and mining, color image processing and statistical learning for multimedia, document processing and genomics.
Information Processing and Algorithms Laboratory