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EE 500 Colloquia Series

Each seminar will begin at 4:15 p.m. in 160 Willard Building unless otherwise noted.

Please be punctual as we don't want to interrupt the speakers.

As a requirement for the EE 500 course you are asked to complete a questionnaire after each presentation. You have one week after each seminar to complete and submit this questionnaire which can be accessed here.

Please contact Tiantong Guo for more information.

Colloquia Schedule

The table below lists the speakers for each week.

Day Location Speaker Colloquium Title
Thurs, Jan 21   Dr. Viveck Cadambe An Information Theoretic Perspective of Consistent Distributed Storage Systems
Thurs, Jan 28   Dr. Mehdi Kiani Wireless Circuits and Systems for Advanced Biomedical Implants
Thurs, Feb 4   Dr. Sumeet Kumar Gupta Correlated Material Enhanced Logic and Memory Design for Next Generation Processors
Thurs, Feb 11   Dr. Xiaofeng "Denver" Tang

*EE Program-Specific SARI Event*

Codifying Professional Ethics: The Creation of the 1974 IEEE Code of Ethics

Thurs, Feb 18   Vanessa Eyer University Libraries' Resources to Produce Effective and Efficient Research
Thurs, Feb 25   Dr. Minghui Zhu Control Theoretic Approaches for Adaptive Cyber Defense
Thurs, Mar 3   Dr. Bing Yu Quantitative Optical Spectroscopy and Imaging: Noninvasive Tools for Cancer Research
Thurs, Mar 17   Dr. Shelby Nelson Kodak Research
Thurs, Mar 24   Dr. Himanshu Gupta Reconfigurable Wireless Architectures using Free Space Optics for Data Center and Picocell Backhaul Networks
Thurs, Mar 31   Dr. Makan Fardad Consensus-Based Community Detection in Dynamical Networks
Thurs, Apr 7   Dr. Piya Pal Smart Sampling For High Dimensional Inverse Problems
Thurs, Apr 14   Dr. Raviraj S. Adve Analysis, Algorithms and Design Tools for Wireless Networks
Tues, Apr 19   Dr. Yingbin Liang Kernel-based Detection of Anomalous Structures over Large Networks
Thurs, Apr 21   Dr. Anthea Coster Using GPS to Study Sources of Ionospheric Variability from Above and Below
Thurs, Apr 28   Dr. John R. Jendzurski Though-Barrier Radar Research at NIST